A big “Thank You” from Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy!

TEDxGoldstar with Popchips? Yes, please!

Marni Landes, Social Media and Community Manager, Goldstar; Blogger at www.happygomarni.com @happygomarni
I have to give a big Thank You to Jim McCarthy, our CEO, because he’s the reason I am a TED fan. A couple of years ago, when he first started following TED (and by the way, he’s a super-gung-ho TEDster today), he got the entire company’s ears to perk up as he shared interesting tidbits he was learning from this wonderful organization.
Now, I’m looking forward to attending my first ever TED event and I won’t need to lean on Jim for insight. The training wheels are off! Well, knowing me, and knowing Jim, I’ll probably still lean a bit since we’ll have different takeaways from the talks. Discussion is a good thing! But the point is, I’ll be sitting in the theater, quenching my thirst for inspiration and thoughtful ideas, and meeting really interesting people who are all gathered for a similar purpose.
It’s so easy to be complacent and stick with what you know and avoid change. But where’s the fun in that? So thank goodness for TED. Plus, I hear Popchips will make an appearance. Mmm Mmmm. I can’t wait for TEDxGoldstar!

Radical collaboration has begun at TEDActive and is coming to TEDxGoldstar.

Goldstar’s Tommy has started the week in Palm Springs and is excited to bring the momentum and energy back to LA on Wednesday.

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TEDxGoldstar - Bringing It!

Jim McCarthy, CEO Goldstar, www.goldstar.com @goldstarjim

I admit it.  I’m responsible for all this madness.  I started going to the TED conference back in 2008, and I’m an addict, but I like to think it’s one of those addictions that is actually good for you, rather than the ones that cause you to break into your neighbors houses and steal their TVs.

Under Chris Anderson’s leadership, TED has become deeply committed to bringing the world of great ideas to as many people as possible, and that’s hard to do when it’s just one rather pricey, space-limited conference each year.  Chris’s vision was to find ways to open the whole thing up.  That led originally to the posting the TED Talks online, and has led after that to the TEDx program.

TEDx is even more exciting in a way because it’s not just sitting at your desk watching a video.  It’s participating.  When we became a TED partner in support of the TEDx program, I was thrilled because, after all, Goldstar’s about live events! Perfect fit!  For us to be able to throw our TEDx party is so exciting, and I hope everyone gets a lot out of it and has a blast.

But more than that, I hope you’ll support the TEDx program in your own way.  TED is a community about jumping in with both feet and getting involved, and TEDx is the way to do that.

So I look forward to meeting you and even if I don’t see you, let me know how your TEDxGoldstar experience was!

Goldstar’s Tommy on TED

Tommy King, Director of Communication at Goldstar @1TommyKing www.goldstar.com

I have been really fortunate to be able to dive head first into TED this year - and have it be part of my job!  It started out just watching the TED videos online, but once I started meeting other “TEDsters” face to face, it really clicked.  Watching TED speakers and presenters in a shared environment and then discussing the sessions with like-minded people within the community is the combination that a lot of people miss out on.  It really completes the TED experience.  TED to me, is all about challenging myself to take a TED idea from a completely unrelated industry and apply it to what I do, both personally and professionally.

All of us here at Goldstar are excited to take the day and immerse ourselves in the far-out thinking that occurs during TED events.  We’re even more excited to pass that experience on to our friends, partners and members with TEDxGoldstar.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on March 2nd, please introduce yourself!